Dusker [Japanese Edition]

Released by Plancha— May 2016.
Features a bonus cut from that era— Crane Ensemble.

Hear Crane Ensemble here.

Complete with alternate packaging. Add it to your collection here.

Oxide Baroque

A KILN reinterpretation of the Mute Forest piece Distracted By My Contorted Reflection appears on the Reforestation EP - a companion release to their Deforestation LP - available for preview here

Treedrums Limited Edition

Released last year on Infraction as a proper artifact of our early recording experiments as live trio Fibre (and ultimately Fibreforms), Treedrums is getting some love from Igloo Magazine, in this exceptional write-up [here]

Physical copies of the limited edition disk are still available at Infraction [here].


Several years in production, we're pleased to be included in the whimsical & immersive new gaming experience called Hohokum.  Game levels were built around and with audiowerks from makers in the Ghostly roster (including three pieces from us).

Soundtrack streaming now at Hypem

Additional details on Hohokum here >

Available August 12th for Playstation.

Soundtrack available here >

Sunsculpture soundbed

Australian based visual media artist, vj and graphic designer, VJ Radiance (Rose Staff), has created an exceptional 3-channel video installation that makes use of edits of the two Sunsculpture pieces from Holo. Check out "The Space Between Us" here.  (more about the project here). There have been installations of her work in several museums internationally and she actively presents in video competitions and projection festivals around the globe.