"A ravishing and stimulating feast for the ears" - Textura      "Like sunshine during a rain shower" - All Music Guide,      "I can see this album living up to its greatness in a sonic-proof room that allows each wavelength to wash over the body's senses" - Buffablog      "Each song... unfolds (and often refolds) like a vast intricate landscape, with many of its fjords and inlets staying hidden until the third or fourth listen" -      "...tucks miniature melodies and unidentifiable percussion underneath a hi-fi tapestry of granular synthesis and rich, computer-enhanced bursts of chords, blurring the lines between sound design and composition through the use of refracted electronics and bits of live instrumentation" - XLR8R      "...refining their already intricate approach to sound design even further, subtly integrating elements of guitars, drums and field recordings into their deepest sounding and most groove-based collection of tracks to date" - Cyclic Defrost             "KILN deliver their most melodic LP yet, fusing the mechanical with the organic in beautiful new ways. Percussive and futuristic, with shimmering guitar textures that evoke Krautrock and its more recent followers while still looking forward." - Other Music